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Level 3

Make config file permanent

Hello community,

I am using IS 2012 Prof edition. I want to install a config file and at uninstall it should not be removed.

So I added a component and a key file "app.config" and marked it as permanent. But this does not work. I think this works only for assembly.

How do I install a .config file and make this a permanent file? When the user uninstalls the product this file should not be removed.

thanks in advance
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Level 7

I can do this without problems: I have a component marked as permanent which contains only a .config file. After removing the product, the file remains on the computer. I have also set the property Shared to No. Is the .config-file the key file of the component?
I would write a complete MSI-logfile when removing the program and examine this logfile for further information.

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