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(Major) Upgrade for Suite project

I have a Suite project which consists of an MSI installer of my main application, and installers of few other third-party tools.

Due to the project requirements, I have to hide all the entries of child installers in the "Programs and Features" in Control Panel, and show only the Suite installer entry.

The problem I am facing right now is related to upgrade of the Suite project and the MSI installer particularly. I constantly need to upgrade my own MSI installer in the Suite for the customer, on the other hand, the third-party tools are more or less stable.

I have implemented the major upgrade for the MSI Installer. When launching the MSI installer with newer version separately, everything works fine. However the Suite project is not "technically" upgraded, and the entry in "Programs and Features" still shows the older version. Of course, this is not I want to do.

Now I want to implement something similar to "Major Upgrade" concept for the Suite project. Basically, the Suite installer with newer version will automatically uninstall the old child installers and install the new ones.

Right now when I launch the Suite installer with newer version, it would show up the "Maintenance mode" dialog with Modify/Repair/Remove options.

Could any of you advise me on this issue?

Thanks a lot.
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In your Suite/Advanced UI project, you also need to change the Product Version setting in the General Information. Otherwise, the Suite engine will think that it needs to run in maintenance mode. Incrementing the version ensures that the modified version of the Suite installation (the one that contains the major upgrade .msi package) is not detected as already being registered.
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