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Level 3

Maintenance Change not prompting for UAC

Hi All

(I am using a Basic MSI project - Vista machine)

When the user clicks the 'Change' option in Programs And Features they are not prompted with the UAC dialog. How can i force this to appear?

When the user intstalls, repairs or uninstalls the UAC appears (as i have setup in the project). I need admin privelages because during a modify the user can update a server url which I then write to a configuration file. Without the admin rights the install fatally errors when i try and save the config file.

Any help would be fantastic.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Are you making this change as part of a custom action which is scheduled Deferred in System Context? If not, your action is not following best practices, and ideally should be updated. Then even though the change button does not immediately elevate, the actual changes should be elevated.
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Level 8

I am having the same problem. Change from Programs and Features (Win 7) doesn't elevate to "Run As Admin" like running Setup.exe again and selecting Modify.

I am trying to install Feature A and am getting errors copying files to the installation directory because its not running with elevated privileges. It's important to note that I haven't written any custom code or implemented any custom action to add Feature A. InstallShield was handling all of it.
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