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MST properties do not match base MSI properties

We have noticed that when creating a transform using the New-- Transform menu the base MSI properties are not being picked up and the installsheild generic template settings are being applied to the MST.

When looking at the MST differences, only  the product name field is listed as changed. (the only edit manually applied to the transform) 

Specifically "Summary Information stream" values in the MST does not reflect the values in the base vendor provided MSI... for example the base MSI Template Summary value is set to  "x64;0" however the MST Template Summary value is set to "Intel;1033" by default.  

Given that the base MSI is provided when creating a MST should Installsheild not pickup the base MSI properties..... or does the MST Summary Information stream in the MST have no bearing on the base MSI installation?



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