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MSI package looking for local programfiles folder

I have a InstallShield LE project via VS 2015. The setup project is rather very simple. I just created MSI package, but within the same folder I also see "program files" folder. I ignored it for now and just copied xxxx.MSI to another test machine (E:\Temp) and tried to install it. During the installation, it fails and says it can't find E:\Temp\program files ....... By reading the error message and by location it is asking for, MSI is looking for program files (and it's content) from where I launched xxxx.MSI file, which is "E:\Temp". Looks like the MSI file expecting to have "program files" right next to it during installation. How come the MSI is not all files contained package? What did I do wrong? I disabled Setup Launcher on CD-ROM, DVD-5 and SingleImage, trying to create one MSI without Setup.exe. Also disabled Cache MSI Locally. Thanks.
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