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MSI log Analyzer


Can the MSI Log Analyzer be runned using the command line (SAB)

We have a build server that installs the product every night and takes the verbose MSI log as artifact.
Now I would like to include the better generated reports and display it in the results.

Is that possible?
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Quiet mode operation options
Quiet mode operation is supported in an effort to allow setup testers and developers to automate the log file analysis in a testing process. When the log analyzer tool is ran in quiet mode, no user interface is displayed and only report files which includes an HTML annotated version of the log file are generated. This can be useful to the setup tester as well as the setup developer in quickly providing failure information on a specified setup. The following table list the valid command line options that can be used for quiet mode operation.
Option Meaning Notes
/q specifies quiet mode installation Required
/l specifies the log file name to do analysis on Required
/o specifies the output directory for the report files and the HTML annotated log file Optional

Example usage for quiet mode operation:
WILogUtil /q /l c:\mymsilog.log /o c:\outputdir\
WILogUtil /q /l c:\mymsilog.log

For quiet mode operation, only the /q and /l switches are required. The /o switch is optional. When the optional /o switch is not specified, the output directory location specified in the options dialog is used. The output directory passed via the /o switch will not affect the setting for the output directory location used when running the WILogUtil.exe process in non-silent mode. When the WILogUtil.exe process is executed in non-silent mode, none of the command line switches are used.

If invalid command line arguments are passed for quiet mode operations, no action will be taken and the WILogUtil.exe process will return one of the values in the following table.
Value Meaning
1 Bad output directory specified
2 Bad log file name specified
3 Passed /q, but missing required switch /l for the log file name
4 Passed /l, but missing required switch /q for quiet mode

Report Files
When doing a quiet mode analysis or clicking the Save Results button on the Detailed Log File View dialog, the Windows Installer Setup Analyzer tool will generate three report text files in addition to an HTML annotated log file. The names and contents are in the following table.
Filename Description
logfilename_summary.txt Has a summary of the log file with the information displayed on the Detailed Log File View dialog including the first error found
logfilename_errors.txt Has the number of critical errors found along with the critical errors and the solutions to each error. This file will also have the number of non-critical errors, the non-critical errors and the solutions to each error
logfilename_policies.txt Has the policy names and values set at the end of the installation. For more information on the policies and the meaning of each, see the Policies dialog documentation in this document
details_logfilename.htm An HTML annotated log that has the legend included. The various colors decribe each line and can provide information that may be useful
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Thank you very much for your reply.
This simplifies the analysis of the log files in our sandbox.

The tool that a was referring to is the one from InstallShield (MSILogAnalyzer.exe) which is located in C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2011\System\

Sadly it does not run in silent mode (with command line) and is also not included with the StandAlone Build.

It would be nice if Flexera would support that because it generates multiple configurable professional reports that the WILogUtil does not provide.
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