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MSI and upgrades


We have a MSI project including 4 features and up to 200 components, etc.

We are able to use the standalone build to generate successive versions and use a batch file to apply the upgrades:

[CODE]msiexec /fvomus “[full path to]\MyMSIPackage.msi” REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus[/CODE]

We have a client which wants to be able to apply an update in the following sequence:

- install the product (features selected) with the first MSI;
- Get a 2nd MSI and 'run it' (= dbl-click). This should update all the installed features silently.

I tried this sequence and I got a message that a previous version is installed and I have to uninstall it first.

Is there a solution to this request? Can I specify a property to the MSI so it behaves like the client wants?

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Flexera Alumni

Trouble is, something outside the MSI database needs to specify the REINSTALLMODE flag "v", which specifies to re-cache the database for a minor upgrade. The InstallShield setup.exe passes this flag if no earlier version has been installed on a system, similar to what your batch file specifies.

Performing an upgrade without specifying any flags works with a major upgrade, but that requires other project changes and decisions...
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It makes sense.

Now I want to be able to make a build that generates a setup.exe and my MSI. How should I configure the release?

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