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MSI 4.5 + SQL 2008 Express Prerequisites

We're giving our users the option of installing SQL 2008 Express as part of a feature in our installer. Because SQL 2008 requires MSI 4.5 we include that prerequisite as well but the install does not work properly on Windows XP SP2/Server 2003. NOTE: it does work on Vista.

If we install MSI 4.5 with the default "/norestart" command on the MSI then the installer will proceed to install SQL 2008 and fail because SQL 2008 checks if a restart is required.

If we disable the "/norestart" option for MSI 4.5, the computer restarts but the installer will not resume properly. We tried placing the MSI 4.5 prerequisite before feature selection and in this case, the PC reboots but the setup.exe will not resume. We have also tried installing MSI 4.5 as a prerequisite to the SQL 2008 feature and in this case, the setup.exe resumes but does not install the SQL 2008 express prerequisite.

I would greatly appreciate anyone who has any idea how we can work around this problem (or fix it!). Thanks!

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Dear Loyd,

I also had contact wit Installshield about this isue.
They had a suggestion to set the option "If the prerequisite appears to need a reboot" (in the prerequisite editor), to "Reboot the machine and resume on Reboot".

This is however only working if i logged in as an (local) administrator.
If I supply my local administrator details if i'm logged in as less priveleged user, the computer will restart but will not resume.
For my setup I need to have administrator privilges....
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