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MDAC 2.7 Merge Module Errors.

I am converting a project from a poor implementation using dynamic file linking to the individual assembly per component best practice, and a great many of my assemblies are producing this error if .NET dependency scanning is enabled:

ISDEV : warning -6252: The dependency scanner detects the dependent merge module Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 (English). However, the merge module is not found in your merge module location. You can obtain the merge module from the InstallShield Merge Module Gallery. Visit the Download Center at

Now obviously there is no merge module for MDAC 2.7 available, and it is totally unneeded anyways on Windows 7 and up, which this project is designed for. Beyond turning of dependency scanning for every assembly that produces this message, how can I track what's spawning it, and/or suppress it?


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Re: MDAC 2.7 Merge Module Errors.

Perhaps you'd want to use the filtering that is described in the following help topic:
Filtering Files in Dependency Scanners
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