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Logging.InstallLog and Logging.InstallState

I used InstallShield 2019 to create an .exe installer that contains some Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary assemblies (.dll)  and writes them out to a file server.  Works fine when I run it from my Windows 7 machine. During testing, when others in my group run it, it also works fine EXCEPT is creates and writes an .InstallLog and .InstallState file to the same location for each of Microsoft assembly. That does not happen when run from my machine. Since this installer is destined for a client, we don't want those two generated files on their server. My question is - why are these files being created when the installer is run on other machines and not mine. Is there a way to suppress the creation of these two files?

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Thank you for your reply. You are correct, they are created by the installer, just not all of the time. Seems to depend upon the setup of the server upon which the installer is run. This being an installer created using InstallShield, I have no access to the 'built in' InstallShield code (that I'm aware of anyway).  If I had created my own installer using C# code then those links you posted would have been helpful. Anyway, I did come up with a rather simple solution to my problem. Within InstallShield, there is an option to create post install functions.  I created one which checked for those files and deleted them if they existed. All good now!

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