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Level 4

Listbox binding


I am working on Install shield Basic MSI 2015. I have created a custom dialog in which I have placed ListBox control. ListBox control has to populate data during the run-time from the list. I have successfully created the List during run-time. However, I am unable to set the List as a source to ListBox.

Based on google, I have tried using CtrlSetList method but was unsuccessful as I could not find the 2nd parameter of it i.e Control Reference ID of the ListBox control.

Need info on setting List as datasource to ListBox along with any samples on getting the selected item/items from the ListBox control.

Thanks in advance
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Level 17

Check out the KB article: Dynamically Add and Remove Values from a Combo Box at Run Time. To populate a list box, you need to add entries to the ListBox table.
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Level 4

Hello Hidenori. Thank you for the reply.

I am very new to Install Shield development. I am unable to implement the C++ example which you provided. Unable to resolve MSIHANDLE and PMSIHANDLE.

Can you please provide some examples on implementing C++ code within MSI InstallScript along importing MSIHANDLE and PMSIHANDLE.

Thank You.
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