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How to automatically overwrite the existing install with the latest Setup script?

We have InstallShield 2012 Spring - Premier Edition and we are trying to replace the existing install of our software (if it exists) with whatever is in the new Setup script when Setup.exe is run again.

Currently, if our software was previously installed, when we run our Setup script, it enters into maintenance mode. Our maintenance mode screen contains only the option to uninstall the software since we don't want our users to modify/repair it.

What we want is when Setup.exe is run, that the existing install is overwritten with the newest files. I read some things on Maintenance Experience. Right now, it is set as “Standard”. We could set this to “Multi-Instance” and then Qualifying Product(s) Detected dialog would get displayed to the user, but I also read that Qualifying Product(s) Detected dialog cannot be customized. It contains the option to install a new instance of our software which we don’t want to allow the user to do.

Is there any way we can make the current setup script overwrite the existing install of our software on that machine without any user intervention or the user having to manually select what they want to do? Thank you in advance.
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I don't believe this is possible using an "InstallScript-only" type of project. I belive you'd either have to use "InstallScript MSI" or "Basic MSI". I always recommend "Basic MSI" almost exclusively these days.

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