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Linking multiple installers

We want to have the ability to have installers that do "plugins" to our product.

So, for example, if our main product is already released, and we decide to create a plugin, we would create a separate installer that would do the installation of adding in this new component.

Is there a mechanism to tie this plugin to the main installer? We would want it to do things like:

1. If the main product is uninstalled, it would also be uninstalled automatically
2. An upgrade of the main product would leave the plugin intact
3. The plugin installer would continue to work with multiple version of the product (i.e. the plugin could be installed with version 1.0, or with version 2.0 where the product code has changed, but the upgrade code is the same)
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Level 7

Sounds like to me that you are either talking about a minor upgrade or having different installs and having the main install remove additional installations.

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