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License has expired after moving the license server to another machine


We've moved our build server from one machine to another and now we're getting information that our license has expired. Can we get some help with this? How can we get to know what the real reason for this is? 

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Hi @mpyszka_precise :

 Before moving to a different machine, you need to return the license from that machine and then activate in the new machine. 

You can resolve your issue by going through below KB articles:

Deactivation of InstallShield:


InstallShield Activation Error: The quantity specified exceeds maximum quantity allowed (0).:

 If the machine is not exist/available, you can reach out to Revenera support to deactivate the license from the old machine.


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Many thanks for the hints.

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If we end up needing to contact Revenera to deactivate the license on the old machine due to a crash or machine not available, how long is the turnaround time to get them deactivated?  I am just concern if for any reason our machine crashed but we already have a clone of that machine and we need to transfer the license to the cloned machine.

Also what information i need to provide to Revenera?

thanks in advance.

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In such scenario you can write to us at or open a case with the serial number of the product you want to return and a support engineer will get in touch with you as soon as possible with the status of the request.

To know more about Support Maintenance Plans and their perks, please refer following link:

In case of emergency you can always contact 24*5 support contact.

Please refer the following link to contact Support by phone using the toll and toll-free




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