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Launch a MSI in a custom action to install but can it also be used to uninstall?

I already have CA that launches a msi  for a 3rd party app during my app's install.  Can I also create a CA to uninstall that 3rd party app?  I am not sure what the Properties should be.

I had ALLUSERS=[ALLUSERS] ADDLOCAL=ALL for install.  What would it be for uninstall? REMOVE=ALL? REMOVE?

Is this even good practice?  And if not, who has suggestions for replacement?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Rather than installing and uninstalling the 3rd party MSI using a custom action take a look at chained MSI's instead:

This will use the built in functionality of the installer to install and uninstall the 3rd party MSI for you.

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I could not get that to work properly.  I set it up as best as I could and it didn't even execute.  When I checked the MSI log it said that it was already installed.  Checking Add/Remove Programs and searching the registry for its product GUID - it is being reported as installed incorrectly.

I ran it setup.exe (my main install) and based on the contents of the log, it ran the chained MSI to remove correctly but my application did not uninstall.  Why is that?

Not sold on this being a workable solution at the moment.  Maybe I am doing something wrong though?

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