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Level 5

Launch Application when installation completes

Hello All,

I simply cannot get this to work. I know when I select this option it creates a IS_LAUNCH_MY_PROGRAM_PLEASE custom action. However this never appears to run.

I install a .exe file into the [INSTALLDIR]. The customer action is meant to execute the application passing the values I enter in the Command Line to the .exe.

If I change its Execution sequence to Deferred Execution i receive an error 4267 which is understandable but at least I know it is running in this instance.

So either the custom action just is not running at all or it is not receiving the Command Line arguments.

When the CA launches the specified .exe does it do so with the INSTALLDIR as the working directory ? The command line arguments point to a file in the same folder. I have tried [INSTALLDIR]filename and purely just the filename by itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Level 7

Error 4267 says missing input file.
Place the custom action after install files.
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