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Level 2

Launch Application Checkbox

Hi everyone,

I am new with installations scripts. I am doing a powershell script in order to install silencieuse an application .exe.
The thing is that the launch application checkbox is selected in the final dialog window.

I am using this line in the code :

Execute-Process -Path 'guitar-pro-7-setup.exe' -Parameters '/S'

Does anyone has any idea to do this?

I appreciate it.
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Level 13

You should always specify what type of project you are using when you ask questions here.

What you can do in the InstallShield IDE is:
All Dialogs
SetupCompleteSuccess (if you have not renamed)
Select the control (probably UpdateTextLine2 if you have not renamed) in the middle pane
Set 'Default' to 'False' in right pane
Set 'Visible' (2nd from bottom) in right pane to False
That will hide the 'Launch [ProductName] checkbox
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