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Issues with 64 bit Installation


I'm actually in the process of converting my 32 bit installer to a 64 bit installer.I followed most of the steps provided like:
>configure template summary prop->x64
>components> set 64 bit to 'Yes'
>Disabling registry reflection for all components
>make necessary changes from systemfolder>system64folder etc...

But when I start installation of .exe on 64 bit OS, I observe from the taskmanager, installation exe is running with *32 next to it. Which I think is a 32 bit exe running on 64 bit OS.

Also I see a couple of application related Registry entry created under
HKLM\....\ wow6432node. When run as part of maintainence(reinstall/upgrade), I observed that the registryvalues read are from wow6432node.

Can someone let me know if there is something wrong/missing with my configurations, and why we hae *32 next to installation exe in taskmanager, also the reason for creation of entries under wow6432node.

Any pointer , I'll be very grrrrrrateful!

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Level 5

Have you changed the Template Summary to x64;1033 in the General information tab?
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