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Level 3

IsSABld question

Sorry for posting InstallShield 11 question here.

Is there any way I can use the standalone build (IsSABld.exe) to generate a patch that was added using the patch design option of an InstallScript MSI project?

I created a patch using a QuickPatch project and can use IsSABld to generate the patch, but when I am using the main MSI project and added the patch there, I do not see any options in the standalone build to generate the patch.

Thanks for any help.

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Level 17

If you're using the automation interface with the Standalone Build, you might want to try using the BuildPatchConfiguration method to build a patch that's defined in the Patch Design view.

If you want to be able to use the Standalone Build from the command line to build patches that are defined in the Patch Design view, you'd need to upgrade to InstallShield 2009. InstallShield 2009 includes support for a new -patch_config command-line parameter for building patches.
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