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Level 6

Is a Password edit box supposed to have raised borders?

I created an Edit Field, single line for entering a password. When I configure the Edit Field to be for a password, and leave Sunken set to True, in the IDE I'll see the Edit Field appears to be sunken, but when I run the installer that field appears to have raised borders. If I set Password to False, then rebuild and run the installer again, that field appears sunken.

My first question is, is this the expected and industry-standard appearance for a Password Edit Field? If so, then I can definitely live with it. If not, then I'd like to match the industry standard, or if there is none I'd prefer sunken, what can I do to get a Password Edit Field to appear sunken?

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Level 3

It supports textbox border rounding. What you need is to set property: int howMuchRoundCorners = 5; kryptonTextBox.StateCommon.Border.

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