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Intermittently get fatal error -6002: Error while attempting to run the custom build

Using InstallShield 2012 Spring Professional, I have a Basic MSI project that sometimes builds successfully and sometimes fails to build with a "fatal error -6002: Error while attempting to run the custom build" It only fails to build about one out of every 3 or 4 builds; otherwise it builds okay without error. The problem only seems to occur on our build machine using the Stand Alone Build (SAB, IsCmdBld.exe); I have not seen this problem occur on my development machine using the IDE (IsDev.exe).

I found this thread with that same error but none of the ideas suggested seem applicable to our issue. We are not including the Access 2000 object in our setup.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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I think we are also seeing this error.

We updated our InstallShield 2008 Premier to InstallShield 2013 Premier.
Now when we try to build a Basic MSI project on the stand-alone buildserver, there occur two different kind of error messages.

Message 1: "ISDEV : fatal error -6002: Error while attempting to run the custom build setup for objects."
Message 2: "(...) returned non-zero exit status -1073741819"

Both messages just occur sometimes and the build failed.

We never got those messages on a local machine using the GUI of InstallShield.

Tried solution is to set ".Net scan at build" for every component to "None", to prevent the message 2, but that didn't work.
( )

We don't use Access 2000 in our build. Our build server runs Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit and our client PC runs Windows 7 64-bit.

Can we enable more verbose logging to find out what is causing the -6002 error?
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