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Installshield forum support????

I realize that it’s difficult to spend time supporting your product but it would be very helpful if Installshield engineers could help out on the forums more often. Your default response "purchase 2011" is getting overly used. My company bought several copies of IS2010 to find out that in less than a month after our purchase 2011 came out (which should have been a release update within a year). Then we were told that it was “too bad” for us and we would need to upgrade to get 2011. And as we all know your product is extremely buggy (I’ve been using them for 10 years) and forum support would be very helpful.
I realize that you had many of your engineers, etc jump ship to start another packaging and deployment company and that company appears to be working very closely with Microsoft now. But we need community support for IS. One of your support associates actual told me that IS engineers only “help” out on the forums when they are not busy and they are real busy now (with the loss of so many engineers, etc).
I moved off of WISE Studio, and now I really don’t want to jump ship again and leave Installshield for your new competitor.
You only support your trial version, 21 days, then after that we must pay. Microsoft’s forums are huge with many MS associates helping out. We really need that.
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Level 10

I can only agree with chrislynn5, but I think Flexera would rather make more money by charging you for support.
I think it is a bad idea to force users to pay for either a support plan or per-incident support.
Mind you as InstallShield is rather unreliable and new releases don't contribute to make it a more reliable product, the support department must be rather busy and profitable.

What Flexera should remember is that free alternative are getting more and more competitive, and support forums do allow to solve most daily issues one can encounter when using such free tools.

Anyhow, we will be migrating our setups to WiX soon!
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