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Installshield corrupting Office 2007?

This happened on few computers here:

1) We have a 2013 Installshield setup which installs .net framework 4.0, AccessDatabaseEngine, Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable.
2) When we install on a pc which has MS office installed after that our application is not working, we are getting frequent "Access Violation related crashes"
3) Then we did a repair of Office 2007 it worked. No access violation crashes.

4) Then again we uninstalled and installed the same installshield setup again we got the crashes related to Access violations.
5) Did repair of office , it worked again....

This is a strange issue pointing out to Installshield. But not sure why is it happening. Why only after installing it is happening ?If any one has some idea that would be grateful....


Office 2010 also shows similar issue.
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Your post is not very clear.

  • Does your application stop working after you've installed InstallShield 2013?
  • Or after you have installed it on a PC that previously had Office on it, knowing that you built its setup with InstallShield 2013?

I assume you are talking about the latter.

I would assume that your setup simply broke one or more Office component.
You can either go through all the components you are installing and see whether they could interfere with Office.
Or you can enable Windows Installer logging in the registry, then log what the Office setup automatically repairs. You should be able to see what Office component was broken by analyzing the log file.
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Level 5

Yes after installing our setup built in 2013 the office is getting corrupted.

I guess it is Access Database Engine which might be causing this......
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