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Level 3

Installshield MSI does not continue after restart of .net 4.5

We have created an installer that installs .net 4.5 prior to installing the remaining prerequisites.

Now after .net 4.5 the the .net Framework requires a reboot, when we do this, the installer itself does not resume any installation process leaving a broken installation.

Can this behaviour be corrected?
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Try changing the order of the included prerequisites(for example move the .net 4.5 to last in the list) and check if the installer show the same behavior.

If so, could you please provide me the other prerequisites included in the setup project to investigate the issue further?

Thank you,
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Level 6

That is strange. I install .net 4.5 and it has never required a reboot. I wonder what is different and if I'm going to have this problem should a customer's computer require a reboot.....
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