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Installshield Lite license number not accepted after upgrading from VS2017 to VS2019

I have started using a new laptop and installed VS 2019 on this. I used to use VS2017 and used InstallShield Lite 2018 on this. 


When I install InstallShield from the VS Marketplace and try to activate it with my old codes, it fails.

Do I need to buy the most recent version of InstallShield Lite to get it to work again?

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Hi @Der_Roedie,

  If you have installed the latest InstallShield Lite from the visual studio market  place, then it supports and integrate with Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019.

But the activation code is allowed to activate only one machine, if you want to activate on another machine either you need to get new activation code or you need to return the license from the old machine and activate it on the new machine.

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