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Installshield 2019 r3, files keep self-registering even though box is unchecked

I've recently modified a project to use source locations other than where the project was located originally.  In doing this i've run into a host of problems, one of which is the title of this post.


1. None of the folders listed in the "destination computers folders" have the "self register all files" clicked, but on attempting an install, all of the files attempt to self-register. 


2.  The tasks listed during the build of the installer list source folders that are no longer found anywhere in the installer's build.  For example:  Error searching for dynamic files matching paththatnolongerexists\*.*  The dynamic file list is only for one folder, and the only one i've added.  I have no idea how to remove these other dynamic paths. 


3.  I get a warning about a dll that coudln't be loaded during the run of hte installation, but no such command exists in my custom actions.  


So where are all of these things hidden?  I'm sure they're in the installation's xml somewhere but if the answer is "you're going to have to manually dig through the xml and undo this" then we have a problem.

Thank you.

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