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Shortcuts are not being created during product installation.


I am facing an issue with my InstallShield 2014 Basic MSI project. Some of the details of this project are that:

[LIST=1]This project has two features, one feature installs Windows forms application, whereas another feature installs a web application.
  • We can let the user install any of these features during installation of the product.

  • Now our project requires that if user installs the windows application feature then the corresponding shortcuts should also be created on Desktop.

    But, in my case, the installer does not create the shortcuts during project installation. whereas when I run the installer in "Repair" mode,then the corresponding shortcuts are created.
    Also, the shortcuts created this way don't get removed after product's uninstallation.

    I've checked all settings that I can check from InstallShield help manual,but nothing seems to be working.

    Can someone please help me out with this issue.
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    A verbose log may help you troubleshoot the issue. KB article Q106551 explains how to create the log.
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    Thanks for the reply!
    I have checked the installation log. But, neither I find and error nor any exception during product installation. The only difference I find in the log is that during first time installation, the action: CreateShortcuts is executed and during Repair of the product, CreateShortcuts action executes and also creates the shortcuts.
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