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Installshield 2013 setup.exe not generating log

Hi All,

We have a setup.exe created using Installshield 2013 professional. We want to get the log files of installation like what are the files are copied. I tried different switches like

setup,exe /debuglog"c:\temp\test.log" but nothing is working.. I am not able to create log file in Win7 64 bit machine.

Also I tried the /s /f1 /f2 arguments but it generates a few line log with error code and that is not useful.

Please guide to generate log files.

Note: it is not msi based installer.
even tried other flag combinations like below but nothing is working

Setup.exe /V"/LIME c:\Temp\Install.log"
Setup.exe /debuglog"C:\PathToLog\setupexe.log" /V"/L*v c:\PathToLog\SetupMSI.log"

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Do you know what project type you used to create the Setup.exe file?

It sounds as if you have a pure InstallScript installation. For InstallScript you could just try the /s command line option. By default it should create a log file in the same directory as the setup.exe. NOTE, for this to work you are required to create a response file first and specify the location of the response file in /f1 "response.iss"

Look at the documentation here:

The command line option /debuglog is for the suite / advanced UI package only.
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