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Flexera beginner

Installshield 2013 error during build

We are trying to build project on InstallShield 2013 and getting error of Microsoft RichTexbox Control Libraby.

Please check the attached screenshot of error. your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.







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Flexera banna_k

Re: Installshield 2013 error during build

Hi @sahirprojects,


Microsoft RichTexbox Control Libraby is an out dated technology and it is not supported by Microsoft, so these redistributables are not included in InstallShield 2013 on wards.

For more information you can refer below KB:

 Still, if you need this merge module and your project is very specific to this particular module you can copy it from your previous installshield version and copy to your new installshield location (C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013\Modules\i386).


Flexera beginner

Re: Installshield 2013 error during build

@banna_k thank you very much for your prompt reply. i copied the same merge module from the previous installshield version and it worked with my current installshield . thank you once again. Regards, AP
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