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Installshield 2013 Basic MSI Setup.exe doesn't install redistributable silent execute

I created a simple Basic MSI project within InstallShield 2013 Professional.
I included the DirectX redistributable within the project, and generated a Setup.exe using the Release Wizard.
(To the best of my knowledge - building the project into an MSI will not install the redistributable - have to run Setup.exe)
(Also - the DirectX redistributable showing in IS2013 is really old - so I have to manually copy the newer DirectX runtimes into the separate Directx9c folder after building the release - hence why I can't put them into the MSI afterwards - IS creates a component for the DirectX redistributable files - but they do not show individually within the project - but that is another story!)
The reason I require DirectX is that one of the exe's I am installing on client computers requires the DirectX 2008 redistributable runtimes - we do not have the source files for the application - so cannot re-compile it.
I am fully aware that I can distribute DirectX within a separate installation - but we do not have the requirement for this anywhere else.

Anyway, when I run the setup.exe manually - the setup completes - running the DirectX setup as part of the installation.
However - when I use Setup.exe /s /v"/qn (to run the setup silently) the setup completes - but doesn't install the DirectX redistributable as part of the installation.
(OS is Windows 7, 32bit and is consistent across multiple installations of Windows 7)

So - I initially thought that I could record the setup (I can't, it seems - as you can only do this with InstallScript-based Setup.exe's - not Basic MSI projects)

Why is this so difficult - also - why do Flexera not update their redistributables when a new version is released - the latest DirectX runtime included within the redistributable in IS 2013 is something like September 2006!

My question is really this - why would running a Basic MSI project Installshield Setup.exe run differently when run silently - or have I missed something really obvious!

Many thanks,
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Not to worry - I am in touch with support. 🙂
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Resolved by Flexera Support. 😄
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