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Installshield 2011 LE activation.

Hello all, wish my first post wasn't regarding a problem.

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 professional, just tried to create an InstallShield LE project, filled in the forms, did the download, installed, got the email and instead of an activation code - or even information about how to activate it - I was sent the following:

Thank you for registering for the Flexera Software Community.

Below is the login information to access the forum:

Link: Flexera Software Community
Username: $USERNAME$
Password: $PASSWORD$

I'd just like to point out that that is EXACTLY the email I recieved. I haven't altered the text in the email at all, even the $USERNAME$ and $PASSWORD$ fields are verbatim.

Obviously there is a problem somewhere.

What is the super secret mystery procedure I need to go through in order to activate this product? Do I need to catch a blue moth with my tongue by the light of the silvery half moon?

Looking forward to hearing from someone, hopefully soon.

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As I suspected, no support whatsoever.

I'll be blunt here, I cant contact user support because the broken activation system sent me variable placeholders complete with dollar signs.

If you are searching for the most frustrating software development experience, I will be heartily recommending you guys.

I'm really annoyed about this.
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A quick test seems to indicate that this is working now. Can you try to register again? It should be working now.

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Done, thankyou very much.

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