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Level 8

Installshield 2010 - What to expect?

Does anyone know what we can expect from Installshield 2010?

Every software developer let their customers known in advance which new features one can expect but I don't see this happening for Acresso...

As a customer, I would like to know what to expect from a new upcoming release 😞
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Level 2

Hi I also would like to know ahead of time what their release schedule is going to look like. Because we where caught with a release upgrade from version 12 to version 2008 and about 2-3 months after the purchase version 2009 was released. So we didn’t qualify for upgrade. Thus I want to know ahead of time what the release schedule looks like so we can more accurately plan our upgrade strategy as well.
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Level 5

I have been told that 2010 beta will be available in the beginning of next year.

I have no idea on the features as Acresso keeps its company confidential.
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