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Installsheild2010-creating ISM

Hi ,
I am trying to capture a package using installsheild 2010 repackager wizard.i was able to create IRP file . when i build this file i get two ISM file as output(app.context.ism and app.ism). both with different size.

can anybody tell me why do we get two ism files,as output.

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Hi Mahendra,

Please see the following help article as reference:

Capturing Virtualization Context

The context MSI contains the metadata registry and files that Windows Installer creates to manage installations - it isn't any actual application data. Since most applications don't really care how they were installed, this context data isn't usually necessary for the application to function. But it is possible for the application to search for one of its files by doing a MSI API query based on a component code of that file. In this situation the API call would fail unless the original MSI metadata is also put down by the context MSI.

The basic idea is that you should only repackage a MSI if you are interested in converting it to a virtual package. In this situation Repackager will combine the information in the main MSI with the context MSI to create the virtual package.

If you are repackaging to convert legacy packages into MSI packages, then you can ignore the context ISM/MSIs.
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