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Installscript has a feature limit?

It there an upper limit to the number of features and components an InstallScript project can have?

I have over 30+ features (I compartmentalize files for easier support). I had a feature that I renamed and created a single component within that feature (while first deleting the original component). After building my installers none of the files in that feature would appear on the system (after installation).

This has happened multiple times. I go so far as deleting the feature and create a new one and the same happens. I have not seen anything in my Google-y searches that points to either a cause or a fix.

Anyone else have this happen?


I've added three new components to an already existing feature (one feature that has been included in the project for almost a year). The feature and its one component is not being installed BUT the new components are installing. So it seems as if added a component or two to an existing parent feature this can "knock" existing components out of place.

I can add more details if anyone wants them. This is getting QUITE annoying.
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Level 7

From the hlep manual (just found):

Error code: -6653
A feature in the setup contains more than 800 components. There is a maximum limit of 1600 components per feature using Windows NT/Windows 2000 and a maximum limit of 800 components per feature using Windows 95 and Windows 98.

So there is a limit but I literally have 50 features (never more than 3 deep) and 66 components. So it looks like I'm nowhere near the Feature Limitation.

Also found a listing of (un)documented limitations of MSI but I'm not sure if all of these pretain to InstallScript projects too.

I've still not found any original threads or postings about this issue. I do not believe this is something isolates nor something I 100% introduced since I built this from the ground up in 2010.

Any help, hack, or even someone who has experienced this will greatly help me (or at least not drive me to drink, lol).
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