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Installing stdole.dll to GAC

Hi, I'm trying to install stdole.dll to GAC with Installshield 2009. As far as I know this is not a .NET assembly so I've set my component to ".NET Scan at Build" to "None". Target is [GlobalAssemblyCache].

But the file is never installed to GAC and it doesn't show up using "gacutil.exe /l".

If I manually use "gacutil.exe /i stdole.dll" it's installed and shows up in list. I guess I could shell the instruction in a script but I rather use the default facilities in InstallShield.

I've also tried setting the ".NET Scan at Build" property to "Properties Only" but I get this:

What can I do to force the installation ?
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Re: Installing stdole.dll to GAC

Somehow I was able to solve this by deleting the component and making a new one. Possibly because that also gave me a new GUID.

".NET Scan at Build" property set to "Properties Only".

I'm not sure what it is IS actually does scanning for .NET assemblies. Maybe it doesn't work because I have more than one non-.NET dll in that component. If so I can add a new component for every file and set it as "key file".
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