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Installing installshield on WINDOWS 7 OS

Hi all,

I had learned from flexera publications that ISD 2010 includes support for installations that will be run on WINDOWS 7 OS.
However, I could not determine if it is recommended to install the instance of installshield software of any version: installshield 2008, 2009 or even 2010 on a windows 7 machine.

As I am going to work on windows 7 machine, I need to know if I should install my installshield 2008 and 2009 instances on my windows 7 machine, or on my xp mode machine which comes with it.

Please let me know if you have the answer for this....
Thanks a lot in advance,
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Flexera Alumni

Hi Sharon,

You just need to IS2010 with SP1 on any Windows machine. Then you should be able to create Installers, which can run on Windows 7.

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