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Installing files to another application's installation directory

AppA is installed separately from AppB. AppB rquires AppA to be installed. Most of AppB files are located in its own install location, however some files need to be installed in same directory as AppA.

Install directory is configurable for both apps, but AppA saves path to a registry entry. AppB can thus know about AppA's location via registry value. The trouble is that components in the MSI Project are targeted to directory entries in MSI table (obviously).

Is there any way to install some files to a location that can be obtained at run-time from registry value (via possibly a property)?

Do not want to modify the INSTALLDIR value since that is needed for the core files of AppB, just need to save some of the files to the location of AppA.
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Flexera Alumni

For the general technique, please see this newsletter tip (PDF warning): The difference being that you'd set a Directory property other than INSTALLDIR...
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