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Installing Windows Service using Installshield 2013 LE for Visual Studio

Hi, I post in this forum category since I seem to not be authorized to view the LE forum.

I´m having my first experience with Installshield and I have spent several hours trying to achieve something that was very easily done using the old Visual Studio installer.

I´m trying to install an executable as a Windows Service. In the previous Installshield 2012 LE version, when the "Services" configuration was not available, I checked the "Installer" checkbox on the executable files properties window. The file was installed as a service but unfortunately when trying to upgrade a project, I received 1001 errors which according to other forum threads indicates that the service already exists (since the application is already installed).

I now migrated to the Install Shield 2013 LE BETA and instead of using the installer checkbox, I´m using the Services section below "Configure the Target system". But still, the service is not installed (!). I have tried the following scenarios, all with service name set accordingly:

* EXE file with/without "Installer" checkbox checked.
* Service project with/without "Service installer" class.

Using for example InstallUtil or SC commands, I can create the service with no issues so it´s nothing wrong with the executable itself.

Also, I´m having issues understanding the proper way of handling automatic uninstalls when a never version is installed. How do I properly configura my executables and Installshield for this in terms of:
* EXE version
* InstallShield "General Information" version
* Installshield Product Version GUID
* Installshield Product Upgrade GUID
* Installshield Upgrade paths
* etc.

EDIT: If the solution is to change product code, do I need to create an upgrade path with a corresponding product id for EACH old file?


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Hello Martin,

Could you please provide us with your installation log file to investigate the issue further.

As a work around, you can use an exe custom action to install the service using installutil or sc commands.

Regarding the automatic uninstalltion of previous application, you will need to mention the upgrade path.

Thank You,
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This issue should have been resolved in the final released version of InstallShield 2013 Limited Edition. For information on how to obtain this new version, see the following thread:
NEW VERSION: InstallShield 2013 Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010
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