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Installing InDesign Plugin, how to check for versions of InDesign that are installed?


I'm very new to InstallShield, and I am only trying out the trial at the moment. Is it possible to do the following:

Have only one MSI/EXE that checks the computer for all installed versions of InDesign, and installs the program to those locations.

For example, if UserA has InDesign CC 2018, and UserB is has InDesign CC 2015, what do I need to do to use the same installer for both users? At this point, making a installation package for each version of InDesign in production would be annoying, so taking care of it in one go would be best. I can provide as much clarification as possible if needed!

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Flexera Alumni

Hi jmitchellApt,

If i get your question correctly,you would like to have single installer which can do system search of Indesign(For multiple versions) installed location & copy the needed files into the location.If so it is possible through InstallShield ,you can create multiple system searches and associate those to file components that you wish to copy.

For more details about system search you can refer this link:

Hope it helps.


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