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Level 2

Installation too slow on some PC's

Its been onserved that in Some pc's installation takes too much time (almost an hour) whereas other pc's it finishes in 10mins.
From the logs i can see that it takes time in between these two operations

SETUP 10-7-2013 05:33:14 Exiting OnFirstUIBefore
SETUP 10-7-2013 06:38:26 Entering OnFirstUIAfter

Any clue why is this happening ?

Its a installscript project. Around 300mb is the size of the project.
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Level 7

I read awhile back in an older InstallShield section that when installing (first-time) that the "CreateInstallationInfo()" method is the reason where there is a lag during install. When the Progress Dialog appears there's a pause before anything happens on that dialog and it's due to that method mentioned. For whatever reason the amount of time it takes varies... I'm not sure why. But if you Google "CreateInstallationInfo()" you should be able to find more info about it.
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Level 5

Hi Shivaprashanth,

Is your installation signed with a certificate?
We expected problems with an base msi Installation:

Maybe there is a problem and windows can't get the 'certificate revocation list'.

An easy way to try would be to build an unsigned installation and try it on a computer were the installation takes a lot of time.

Cheers Joerg
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