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Installation fails. But where?


I've got an installation that fails on one particular system. I can see in the log that all or most actions return 1, but I can't figure out why? What causes this?

It creates a directory in program files and a virtual directory in IIS. Finally it runs an SQL script on a database, but I don't think it ever gets to that point.

I'm new to installshield, so this might be very trivial. I've attached the log.

Thank you stranger!
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Level 7

This may sound dumb but it's happened to me...

Have you checked that the copy of the installer used is 100%? I've had a corrupt version of my installer that caused me problems for hours until I just recopied the original source.

It seems that from the log that it's crashing as it is writing the next log (hence the cut off at the time stamp) which as I've seen on the dev side and the release that there is a memory issue which could stem from a corrupt application or a remote termination coming from the OS...

Well that's my 2 cents and I hope it helps 🙂
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Level 3

Thank you for your cents DemonPiggies,

Unfortunately I've given the customer a new copy in case the old was corrupted. Same result, and I've tested it with no errors.

I've noticed in the log entries looking like this:
Dir (source): Key: RESOURCES, Object: C:\TEMP\program files\company...

I think the customer has put the installer in c:\temp, but I don't see any reason why this path should ever get used?

Later on I see the entry:
Dir (target): Key: RESOURCES , Object: C:\Program Files (x86)\company...
which is more as it should be.

What could be wrong?

Thanks for the time.
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