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InstallShield currently does not support installing an application as 64-bit

I am going through InstallScript (InstallShield 2009) help and i found the following line
"InstallShield currently does not support installing an application as 64-bit".

Does it mean that we cannot create a installer package using InstallScript which works perfectly on 64 bit operating system (means it fills all registry entries in proper location and coipes files to correct Windows64 and Programfiles64 folder.).

Can any one eloborate on this one.
Please respond.

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

The InstallScript engine itself is 32-bit only. I think this phrase corresponds to that fact. However a 32-bit program is fully capable of installing files and registry data to 64-bit locations, so I don't think there are any problems targeting the 64-bit folders you mentioned. You may have to make sure to select 64-bit support on your components, and if you are working with the file locations from script, you will probably need to Disable WOW64FSREDIRECTION around your code.
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This statement is specific to InstallScript.

InstallScript setups currently don't support reading/writing ARP information to the 64-bit part of the registry, therefore InstallScript always installs apps a 32-bit apps currently, as documented you can install to 64-bit locations etc., but the app. itself (i.e.) the ARP information will be in the 32-bit part of the registry.

Devin Ellingson
Software Developer
Acresso Software
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Level 4

Thanks for your reply. It will help me.
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Level 3

Can InstallShield 2009 Express install a file under "System32" on 64-bit Windows? (And not under SysWow64).

Question 1: Is it possible? And does InstallShield Express support this?

Question 2: In case it can be done. How? Does anyone know?

There is a target folder "System64Folder" can it be used in some way in Express?
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Level 17

Duplicate post; please see the follow-up here:
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