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Hi all!

Im sorry for this thread but I have not found the installshield user guide, Im trying to create a installer to my java app, is there any specific tutorial or a related user guide?

Tks a lot!
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Re: InstallShield User Guide

What sort of specific information are you looking for? You can view the documentation if you press F1 from within InstallShield. If you'd prefer to see a PDF version of the documentation, click the appropriate link on the following page:
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InstallShield Question

I want to know, In install script mode,
while user clicks on the setup.exe file, before the Welcome dialgo shows, there
is Install Shield wizard windows.
the question is:
How can i Edit/Remove this first Install Shield wizard window.
When i try to use Debug - the first step is after this wizard window happens,

Manky Thanks,
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