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InstallShield Time-Limited Trial and Activation-Registration


I have recently downloaded the Installshield "Time-Limited Trial" or "Limited Edition" or "Evaluation" version (2015), and was provided with a serial number via both web-page and an email from

When I got the software installed, I added the appropriate project (I'm using Visual Studio 2015) to my solution. I was asked to provide my serial number in order to register my local copy of install shield. This fails repeatedly:

I have since re-registered (with all of the same info), obtaining a new serial number. This new serial number didn't work either. That's two serial numbers provided by InstallShield/Flexera that fail to register my evaluation copy of InstallShield.

The Evaluation copy is working, as long as I select to "Continue To Evaluate InstallShield", but this is not an acceptable solution for me as the installation file will stop working after 5 days (as I understand it). It has been over an hour since I placed the registrations, and they're still not working.

Is there a typical amount of time that I have to wait before they work, or is this part of another issue?

Please let me know how to get this fixed, and what, if any information is required from me.

Thank you,
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Same thing in 2013

The activation dialog is broken. It will function as an evaluation copy but will not take the activation code.
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I see no followup....

Was the issue ever fixed? 5 months later and I'm getting the same thing.
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Same issue in 2015

Have you found a resolution for this?
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Same Issue

I see that several people are experiencing this issue.

Is there no resolution?
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