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InstallShield Suite Project - Modifying the reboot and continue behavior

My Installer needs to be ran by a User and install program data files.  It also needs to reboot in-between Packages and continue.  And I see that the Suite project will write a runonce key in HKCU to continue the installation when it sees that one of the packages needs to reboot.

However, that runonce key (to continue the installation) only triggers after user login.  I need the installer to reboot and continue silently at system startup rather than login.  I also need it to continue silently as the original User and not as SYSTEM or some service account.

How can I modify the reboot and continue behavior for suite projects?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi melodyli,

See if this links help you to resolve your problem.

Restarting a Target System for an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI Package:

Specifying the Behavior for an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI Package that Requires a Restart:


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I've already read those articles.  I noticed that the runonce key is generated once the user hits the "ok to restart" prompt.  Thus, I've tried putting a script to change the key on the on-rebooting event.  However, the documentation states that some actions may not be complete during on-rebooting because... the system is rebooting.  Yet, I can't find another event trigger that is safe to use.



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