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Error 2902. Operation ixfAssemblyCopy called out of sequence. ProcessComponent looks fine.

Hi I'm getting the above problem and am having a difficult time tracking it down.   The answer written here previously was that it it could be resolved by adding the ProcessComponents action after InstallInitialize action.

I checked the Custom actions and saw that it was already set up like this.   In fact this was an installshield project that had been used successfully before and no change had been made to the custom actions at all, so it doesnt make sense to me for it to say that something was out of sequence.   The main change (that was intended) of was to change one of the dlls and to update the version number.    Somehow I assume something else environmental had changed and its causing this error.   

I tried running the setup with /debuglog but I cant see anything in there.

Any help or some suggestion that points me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


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