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Level 2

InstallShield Limited edition crash on opening Visual Studio 2012 RC.

When opening a solution in Visual Studio 2012 RC that has an InstallShield Limited Edition project, a crash occurs if the setup project is loaded in the solution explorer.

When this problem occurs, Visual Studio will crash every time I open that solution. The only work around I have found is to rename the project folder before opening the solution.

Visual Studio will then complain that the project is not found. I then renamed the folder back to its original name and reload the project from solution explorer and then it open properly.

I think that the problem might be that InstallShield try to uses projects before they get fully loaded (it look like InstallShield Limited edition is not compatible with the optimisation that was done in Visual Studio to open faster by loading projects in the background)

By the way, I think it would be important now that you have more visibility through Visual Studio to make an effort so that the experience would be more robust and seemless as the first impression is quite important... It should not be more difficult to have a working setup that it used to be with Microsoft own setup project in previous release of Visual Studio.
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Level 7

Hello Philippe,

Could you kindly let us know the exact steps you followed which resulted in Visual Studio crashing?

Kindly provide us a small sample project (.isl + .sln file) which replicates the crashing behavior so that we can investigate further.

Could you kindly let me know if you are facing the crashing issue with every new InstallShield Limited edition project created or with only a specific project?

Also could you kindly let us know the operating system on which you are encountering the crash issue?

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Level 3

I've installed 2012 rtm and 2012LE and on the first opening of the solution, 2012LE corrupted my isl file. I closed the solution then deleted the corrupted file and got it again from TFS and then opened the solution again. 2012LE asked to install something else so I let it. It then required a reboot. Then it seemed to open fine. I had already install 2012LE just after the vs 2012 rtm and it didn't require a reboot at that time. Seems the 2012LE beta needs some bug fixes before it can be used with the 2012 vs rtm.
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Level 10

Kindly refer the below thread regarding the new version of InstallShield Limited edition and check if the same issue persists.
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