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InstallShield Limited Edition not appearing in the Setup and Deployment

I am running Visual Studio 2012 Professional on a Windows 8 platform. I click on the InstallShield Limited Edition project install under the Setup and Deployment page and it takes me to the relevant download page on the Flexera website. I then download and run the Installshield Express Spring 2012 installation file. It executes the installation with no complaints.

When I run up Visual Studio 2012 after this installation and try creating a new Installshield project, the Setup and Deployment folder does not appear in the list any longer, so there is no reference to Installshield projects.

If I uninstall the Installshield software then the Setup and Deployment project type folder reappears and prompts me to perform the installation. Repeated attempts at performing the prescribed steps yield the same result.

What am I doing wrong?
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This looks to be an integration issue. Please close Visual Studio when you install ISLE and then check if the integration happens. If you have already installed ISLE, you could close both the applications, run a repair of ISLE from the control panel.

Let me know if that helped.

Thanks and Regards,
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