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InstallShield LE stopped working completely


I recently had a problem with my installation of InstallShield LE. I built a setup for my project, but when it gets executed, it puts out the message "Dieses Setup wurde mit einer EVALUATIONSVERSION von InstallShield erstellt." ("This setup was generated with an EVALUATIONVERSION of InstallShield.")
This baffled me, because I was under the suggestion, that this is Software, that comes free with my Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition.

To handle this issue, I tried to find a place to input my Serial Number, but I could find no activation-program or anything like that.

That's why I decided, to reinstall the Software, in the hopes of fixing this issue like that.

Unfortunately this led to the Software to stop working entirely. Loading the Setup project in Visual Studio leads to an Unexpected Error and the message "(load failed)" behind the project name.
Also I am not able to start a new setup project, when I try to do it, the visual studio Solution Explorer stays empty and the project folder only contains a hidden folder named ".vs".

Several reinstalls coupled with reboots between the steps didn't help to fix this problem.

I hope you can help me out with my problem.

Best Regards
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Flexera jlynch11

Re: InstallShield LE stopped working completely

It sounds like your ISLE license may have been corrupted. Please try the following to hopefully resolve the issue.

1. From a command prompt navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\[version]LE\System
2. Run this command to repair the license: TSConfig /repair
3. If the same behavior persists after repairing the license, run this command to attempt returning the license: TSConfig /return
4. After running the return command, run this one to activate the license: TSConfig /activate
5. If you find that the behavior still occurs after running the repair, return and activation, run this command and provide me with the full output that is generated: TSConfig /info

I hope this helps.
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Re: InstallShield LE stopped working completely

So I followed your steps but to no avail.
What seemed strange to me is that nothing seemed to happen when I put in those commands. No error on the console, no output to the console, no window opening, nothing.

The TSConfig /info command output was:
"No fulfillment records in trusted storage."
Nothing else.

Best Regards
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