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InstallShield LE and Installshield Lite not playing nicely together !!

I have VS2015 Pro and VS2019 Pro on my machine. I use Installshield LE with VS2015. I recently purchased/installed Installshield Lite for VS2019. Now I'm having weird problems (possible cache related?).

For example, I opened an older project in VS2019 and allowed IS Lite to upgrade the project. Everything looked good but some of the files listed to be installed showed 0 size even though I was using VSSolutionsFolder as part of the path. I had to remove the installer project, close VS2019, delete the .vs file, re-opin VS2019, add back in the installer project and THEN it saw all the files.

But just now, I attempted to open an older project in VS 2015 and it tells me my installer projects were created with an older version and have to be updated. I closed the solution and open empty VS2015 Pro and then clicked to Add New Project. Under "Other Project Types", Installshield LE no longer shows up. Instead I only see Installshileld Lite Project! In VS2015!!

It seems you'd be able to have Installshield LE installed and working with VS2015 (for legacy projects you aren't ready to upgrade to VS2019) and VS2019 with Installshield Lite for use with new projects (or potential upgrade).

Has anyone experienced similar problems having both installed? Does anyone know how to get the two to play  nicely together??

Any/all thoughts greatly appreciated!


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